We’re a large group of Spurs fans who travel from Wolverhampton to most games across Europe. Our core base of fans have been Spurs supporters for over 35 years. Many of us have been members of multiple supporters groups in the past, notably Macc Spurs and North Staff Spurs.

With our numbers now growing in recent years, we’ve opted to start our own supporters group and name it Punjabi Spurs! The reason behind the name is that the founders originate from Punjab, the northern region of India. Punjab is one of the most colourful and vibrant states in India. Its where the funky traditional dance of ‘Bhangra’ originates from! And as everyone should have a bit of bhangra in them, our aim will be to show how diverse Spurs fans are and to mix some of the colourful culture with following our beloved football team.

We always welcome new members to join the supporters club, all we ask in return is that you sing loud and proud for the boys in Lillywhite! COYS!!!

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